What is TAR Network?

TAR Network is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to bringing worldwide awareness and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) treatment to those whose entire reality has been warped and distorted – and who have been relegated as “collateral damage” – after being raised by a toxic parent, being in a relationship with a toxic partner, being a citizen of a country run by a toxic autocratic leader, or by being the victim of a hostile and/or toxic work environment.

The vision of the TAR Network is to educate, empower, and energize people going through or emerging from Toxic Abusive Relationships (TAR) and/or parental alienation through the support of the TAR Network and its affiliates.

Our Partners

TAR Network seeks to build strategic alliances all over the world to develop solutions to the public health crises of our lifetimes.
We are honored to join with international vanguard groups in offering these transformative pathways.

Polyvagal Institute is a not-for-profit dedicated to providing training, support community and facilitating research centered around a revolutionary understanding of the body and mind, as presented in the work of Stephen Porges and Polyvagal Theory.

CPTSD Foundation, an International 501(c)(3), is the platform for Post-Traumatic Healing and Complex Trauma Research. CPTSD Foundation provides a worldwide network that offers virtual, daily, interactive support, evidence-based resources, and a thriving, diverse, inclusive, trauma-informed community where safety and healing become more possible every day.

Our Projects

TAR Network is committed to building a foundation through our projects that will ultimately change hearts, minds, and approaches in the world of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress, and the effects of collateral damage.

Uniting our programs with other foundations around the world will ultimately drive meaningful educational and policy changes; bringing proven programs geared toward proper parenting that will help to avoid the development of attachment disorders for future generations.

Partners in Women’s Health

Helping women improve their lives, break free from Toxic Abusive Relationships, reclaim their “lost identity”, improve their well being and reconnect with their alienated children one step at a time.

Being Heard – Global Public Health Campaign

International campaign geared at warning all people , especially parents on the harmful effect of Attachment Disorders. Being Heard Campaign is a policy driven effort addressing this public health parenting disaster.

TARgeted – A Powerful, World Changing Book

A world changing book that will serve as a guide and support plan for all TAR relationships. Special attention is paid to the abuse of Parental Alienation, adverse childhood experiences and CPTSD.

Our Management Team

Jamie Huysman, PsyD, LCSW

Founder, Executive Director

Dr. Jamie has 30 years of experience in healthcare and media. He has developed celebrity foundations serving millions. His trauma informed clinical background has driven his passion to deal with this public health disaster in honor of his child and all children.

Jay Handline

Operations Director

Jay is dedicated to turnarounds and startup companies through focused executive leadership, strategy, and technology development. He is an entrepreneur who is passionately obsessed and driven to reach for what most believe is unattainable.

Mila Koljensic

Creative Director

Mila is a “Yugoslavian“ professional screenwriter and author who writes powerfully on various topics, focusing on TAR, Narcissism and Parental Alienation. Mila is one of the primary content creators and assists the Foundation with her business development expertise.

Nikola Tarasjev

Technology Director, Operations Advisor

Nikola is a web designer, operations advisor, graphic designer and all-around tech enthusiast. Through his efforts over the past years, he has developed all the powerful web outreaches that impacted TAR Network and its affiliates.

Bonnie Rionda

Development Services Director

Throughout her 25+ years in Development Services, Bonnie has provided research, reporting, and database support to development teams in a variety of areas. She has worked in private non-profit foundations focusing on academia, the arts, and social services.

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