Ari’s Anthem

A Transformative Tale of Resilience and Leadership

In a small American town, where the air is filled with the melodies of dreams and the whispers of hope, lives a girl named Ari. Her story is one of strength, resilience, and the magic of music. Ari is not just any girl; she is a grounded force of nature – anyone who knows her believes she is able to jump tall buildings in a single bound.

She is beacon of light in a world that often feels dark and overwhelming. She is a force of nature who has taught her parents what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of an innocent powerhouse – the way we wish that all humanity could see the world in 2024 – not as a turbulent, tribal, and toxic world. Her Dad and Tom Petty have always told her that she is the quintessential American Girl!

Ari’s heart beats to the rhythm of music, a passion she inherited from her insane rocker father, whose life she most definitely emotionally and spiritually saved. His wild spirit and unwavering love of the potential she could become in this world fueled her dreams. Together, they form an unbreakable bond and are each other’s biggest fans. Ari’s best friend and calming brother, a loyal doggie named Bagel, is always by her side offering comfort and joy.

Ari’s journey has not been easy. A biracial girl (half Asian) trying to make sense of living in two separate homes, she has heard the mumblings of innocent children echoing their parents’ sting of racism. She has also – unfortunately – experienced the painful barbs of bullying. But each challenge only made her stronger.

With some super power, she has made sense of things that make no sense at all, developing more resilience in 13 years than most people have accomplished in a lifetime. Like the captain of a ship in stormy waters, equipped with extraordinary emotional intelligence (EQ) and innate leadership skills, Ari navigates through her life’s trials with grace and determination. Her personal and academic successes are a testament to her dedication and hard work in the face of many challenges.

In the heart of her room, amidst gold butterflies hanging from her ceiling and shelves filled with academic accolades, Ari finds solace in the music of Olivia Rodrigo and the warm co-regulating love and energy from her lifelong friends. She has even turned her rocker father on to the beauty of Olivia’s writings and melodic voice, who is also coincidentally of Eurasian ancestry. She and her father traveled to New Orleans and back to Miami to watch Olivia’s amazing 2024 GUTS tour – in appreciation of her deep, insightful writings and talent as the voice of her generation.

Olivia’s songs speak to Ari’s soul; the lyrics echo the tumultuous emotions she sometimes feels. “driver’s license,”  “good 4 u,” and “obsessed” have strengthened her, helping her to understand that pain can lead to growth. She watches her father work tirelessly on his international foundation, whose mission is clearly described in Olivia’s classic song “vampire.”

At the Miami concert, Ari gifted two of her closest friends with tickets so that they could stand and dance together. In New Orleans, this girl for all seasons danced to each song with her father – alone together as no one knew who they were. With her Dad’s commitment to helping Ari grow as a compassionate individual, she is able to process all of the normal ups and downs of adolescence and navigate toxic relationships with a great therapist.

One of Olivia’s songs, in particular, resonates deeply with Ari – “brutal.” The lyrics capture her unique identity and aspirations, and it has become her personal anthem. It celebrates her diversity and dreams, mirroring her experiences and the hopes she holds for the future. Olivia believes that it’s really important to not worry about what other people think and just be kind to yourself; this has become Ari’s mantra, guiding her through moments of doubt and insecurity.

Ari’s world is not without its shadows. She encounters toxic relationships and the cruelty of those who do not understand her light. Like Olivia Rodrigo, who channels heartbreak into powerful music, Ari turns her struggles into sources of strength. She has learned to stand up for herself, to demand honesty and respect, and to remain true to her values. She waves her Dad and Mom off when they want to rescue her from the world’s nonsense, instead choosing to manage her life in a boundaried and powerful way. In her special and compassionate manner, she holds people accountable for their behavior.

In the face of adversity, her kindness and integrity shine through. Ari refuses to let rudeness and negativity dim her spirit. She embodies the resilience that her favorite artists sing about, showing her peers that it is possible to emerge stronger from life’s tribulations.

Today is a special day – Ari’s birthday. It is a day to celebrate a girl who dreams of changing the world, a girl whose spirit cannot be broken. As she enters 8th grade with a schedule filled with honors classes, Ari continues to inspire those around her. She balances her academic pursuits with her love for making all who enter her energy feel safe. She loves reading books and Broadway. She brings peace and joy when her friends call on the phone. Her father calls her to watch movies and TV shows with him.

Ari’s story is one of resilience and emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. She is a role model for her generation. Her journey, intertwined with the music of Olivia Rodrigo, inspires other tweens and teens to confront their challenges and find their inner strength.

Ari is her father’s golden rocker girl, a dreamer, and a true authentic doer. Her heart beats with the passion of a thousand songs, each one a testament to her resilience and hope. As she celebrates her birthday, we honor her journey and the promise she holds for the future. Ari is the dream child who assures us that there will be less toxicity and more kindness in the world.

Ari is an emerging woman of 13 years, and her story is one of beauty, strength, and the unwavering belief that she can – and will – change the world. With her father’s rock and roll spirit, Bagel’s loyal companionship, and Olivia Rodrigo’s empowering music, Ari stands as a shining example of what it means to be truly resilient. She is, as her Dad says, GAWJUSSSSS – the next Mattel Barbie and a powerhouse.

Dear Ari – your Dad, Mom, brother and the entire foundation team around the world are so grateful to have you in their lives. Soon, the rest of the world will be sending Hallmark cards of gratitude, thanking you for your kindness, presence, and compassion. As we struggle with so many difficult issues, we desperately need leaders like you who can make sense out of any situation that makes no sense at all.

We love you, Ari! You are the change we seek in this world. Happy Birthday!

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